general_smDevola’s of Brighton has been family owned and operated since 1921 . Throughout that time, we’ve been committed to finding quality produce at reasonable prices.

We pride ourselves on stocking everything from everyday seasonal fruit and vegetables and herbs, as well as rare and exotic varieties. We also have a fabulous range of quality flowers and a select delicatessen including quality cheeses, pastas and dry goods.

Bayside’s Fresh Fruit Providore

Devola’s have supplied the local communities of Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Brighton East, Bentleigh, Gardenvale, Hampton East, McKinnon and other Bayside suburbs for generations. We continue to supply to families, individuals and local businesses with the best value and most superior produce that can be found.

Antique vegetable cart

If you have a particular requirement, just let us know. If it’s available , we’ll find it for you and supply it at an affordable price.

We back up our product with a guarantee that you’ll be satisfied – in the unlikely event that it doesn’t meet with your expectations, just let us know and we’ll replace or refund the purchase. However, we’re completely confident that this just won’t happen.

Please feel free to get in touch with us and discuss what we can do for you. Or just pop in for a chat.

In Season Produce

In season vegetablesAs you’d be aware, not all fruit and vegetables are available all year round. There are times when they’re at their peak, times when they’re not in season but still available, and times when they can’t be found for love nor money.

We’re conscious of the environment, and won’t buy produce if it doesn’t meet with our high quality standards, nor if it’s prohibitive in terms of price due to the  distance it has to travel to get to your door.

We understand that sometimes you just have to have that special ingredient, and we’re happy to try and source it for you even if it isn’t locally in season.

In season fruit

We support our local growers and suppliers because we believe that nothing tastes better than produce that has come straight from their farms and orchards, without the necessity of extensive refrigeration and long-life treatments.

We like it pure, simple, and natural.

Take a look at our seasonal guides to help you decide what produce is likely to be at its peak.